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Scotter Road South

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Match Lake

Known as the "Henry Norwoods Match Lake" in memory of a lifelong member and former president of the long defunct angling club.

The match lake is a truly beautiful lake set in stunning surroundings and comprising of 40 pegs though to be fair only a maximum of 30 pegs are allocated to club and open matches.

The depths in this lake can vary dramatically ranging from 5 feet down to 12 or even 13 feet in the bay. Heavily stocked with carp ranging from 2lb to the rogues of 14lb plus. Pegs 1 to 14 and 23 to 38 tend to dominate the summer months with match weights to 80lb and pleasure nets well in excess of 100lb. The shallows around the boat (pegs 28 to 31), the fieldside pegs (35 to 38) and the roadside pegs (1 to 14) are the best summer pegs to draw, with all the usual baits likely to draw.

Heavy stocking in 2004 of carp in the 2lb to 4lb class has complimented the already good stocks of carp, tench and bream that already existed. Tench can be caught almost anywhere but pegs 23, 24 and 25 are highly favoured by the local anglers and 6-7lb fish are not uncommon. Bream to 6lb reside mainly in pegs 2 to 7 and feederfished worm or maggot with groundbait about 20 yards to the lily pads can score all year round. Pegs 14 to 24 are excellent winter roach pegs as the depths drop to 13 feet, waggler and pole fished full depth with maggot or caster can yield nets to 20lb plus.

Once again stunning scenery compliments the fishing and in no way can this lake be considered as your average "carp puddle".

Bathing Holde

Situated in the middle of the complex pond is a real cracker offering great sport with carp and tench to an average of 3lb. All the resident carp (to 7lbs) were transferred to the match lake and replaced by 1500 stockies to compliment the resident shoals of tench and skimmers. Good roach, perch and rudd also reside. There are only 8 pegs on this pond with depths of 4 to 5 feet.

Evening matches are run on this pond and weights of 100lb plus have been recorded.

Local anglers fish this pond all year round and there is also something to be had even on the coldest of wintery days.

Tench Pond

As the name suggests this pond, although a mixed fishery with a good head of carp, skimmers, roach and perch, is predominantly stocked with tench. Heavily stocked with 'tincas' in 2004, mostly in the 1-2lb bracket. The resident tench (to 6lb) were, as with the bathing hole carp, transferred to the match lake.

The summer months will more or less guarantee great sport with all the usual baits working well but corn and pellet are the real killer baits. Sorry but there are only 5 pegs on this pond so an early arrival is advised. depths are fairly constant at around 5 to 7 feet and all year round sport is achievable.

Specimen Lake - (The Cutt)

This is the lake for the serious carp angler with carp to 25lb. Commons are the dominant species but also present are mirrors, ghosties and grass carp. Tench and bream to 6lb also reside.

The best carp recorded in 2004 was a common of 23lb 4oz taken on luncheon meat.

Angler's pressure on the owners led to a lifting of the boilie ban in 2003 but to be fair the traditional baits of corn, meat, bread, etc still seem to work best.

Night fishing is extremely popular on this lake at £10 per night and booking with Dave is essential.

In the winter months too pike fishing can be superb with all methods scoring (please note - strictly no livebaiting). Masses of jack pike and some real proper un's to 20lb plus (see Dave's picture) make this lake a winter haven for pike lads. Although seldom fished by the average coarse angler roach to 2lb, skimmers, rudd, perch, etc can be taken on waggler or pole.

There are 18 pegs on this one with varying depths of 4ft to 14ft and situated at the back of the complex the tree sheltered lake guarantees calm conditions on even the windiest of days.

The North Pond

A seldom fished pond consisting of 8 pegs and considered to be hard fishing although the pond does hold a large shoal of bream which in daylight hours are rarely caught. Several decent carp and roach to 1lb plus are also in residence. Reports of rogue carp to 20lb frequently smashing anglers tackle are regularly heard. Some good tench are known to hide beneath the far bank overhanging trees.

The South Pond

Developed into a silverfish pond, during autumn 2004 and winter 2005 5000 roach were introduced to complement the already good head of redfins, good shoals of rudd and perch with a smattering of chublets accompany some very big bream (to 6lb). A few huge carp still remain but plans are that when caught (if they don't smash you!) these will be transferred to the match lake and specimen lake.

The Haystack

4 pegs for the kids, silver fish only (no carp) bite a chuck with mainly small roach, perch and rudd with the odd skimmer.

There are 5 other ponds that are currently used as stock ponds

(text taken from yaddlethorpe website - Please contact me if you would like this to be re-written to advoid copyright issues.
* Keep nets allowed except in specimen lake
* Bait bans - no nuts
* Groundbait through pole pot or feeder only
* Strictly barbless hooks only
* £5 per peg
* £5 per rod on the specimen lake
* £4 Juveniles and OAP's
* Night fishing £10 by arrangement only
Opening Hours
24 Hour fishing - (night fishing by arrangement only)
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